Cargo Manager Systems

Export Cargo Manager

From a single user to a multi-user office, the Cargo Manager is a cost effective and practical solution to automate an NVO operation. More NVOCC export transactions have been processed using the Cargo Manager System than any other software application on the market.


Rate Quotes
When your customer calls for a rate quote, simply select the rate quote screen and a quote can easily be created and faxed directly to the customer. Often, your customer will receive the quote while still on the phone - a very effective sales tool! Also, the rate quoted to the customer can come forward with all detail information at the time of booking. Rate quotes can quickly be retrieved by customer, commodity, destination, date or range of dates. The quotes can be displayed on the screen or a report can be printed. Since the Cargo Manager automatically assigns a rate quote number, there is no need to keep a manual log.
Booking module was designed so that all data entered at the time of booking comes forward to the bill-of-lading - in effect, the b/1 is being processed at the time of booking. Also, if a rate was quoted against that booking, type the quote number and all of the data entered at the time of quoting comes forward to the booking screen. For hazardous cargo bookings, the Cargo Manager produces the hazardous form which can be faxed directly to the customer from the booking screen. Also, if trucking arrangements are being made by the NVOCC, the Cargo Manager produces a pick up request which is faxed directly to the trucker from the booking screen. Much of the b/1 is completed when the booking is made. There is no duplication of data entry throughout the Cargo Manager - data moves forward from rate quotes to booking to receiving to documentation.
Warehouse Receiving
A warehouse management system within the Cargo Manager enables the NVOCC to keep track of all lots received, produce inventory reports, create the container load plan. If the shipment was booked, simply enter the booking number at the time of receipt and all of the data from booking comes forward to the receiving screen. Other features within the Cargo Manager's warehouse include cargo measurements, print labels, fax confirmation to the customer on receipt, as well as complete control over hazardous cargo to assure that incompatible lots are not loaded into the same container.
The Cargo Manager produces every document needed for an NVOCC operation - house and line bill-of-lading, shipper's export declaration, certificate of origin, customer invoice, and various manifests. As a totally integrated system, enter the lot or booking number and all of the booking data comes forward in the documentation process. Cargo Manager also has a direct interface with CMS's Rate Manager where one can retrieve or create a tariff filing.
Need to know about the shipment - when it arrived at the warehouse, the container it was loaded, bill-of-lading details, etc., no problem. Tracking will quickly display the complete history of the shipment. Easy-to-use look up fields by shipper, lot number, b/1, and more.
Statistical reports by customer, trade lane, and more can easily be produced in the Cargo Manager.
Profit & Loss
Cargo Manager enables the NVOCC to produce a P & L on every file. See at a glance the results of the file or run a report for any period - by date, month, quarter, or year.
Sales Module
Store additional data about the customer in the sales module. Enter sales call information and produce many types of reports all geared toward what a sales department needs for today's highly competitive market!
Fax Interface
No need to print hard copy - fax documents to your customers directly from the Cargo Manager.
E-mail Interface
Any document or report which is normally fixed to a customer can also be e-mailed as an attachment.
NVOCC's with multiple offices, the Cargo Manager data - bookings, lots, bill-of -lading, invoices and more - can be easily transmitted over regular phone lines to other offices and agents. Also, file transfer to other systems can be provided.
Validation Tables
The "heart" of the Cargo Manager, the validation table is used for setting up codes for customers, locations, charges and various counters used throughout the system. Interfacing with other systems, including U.S. Customs for electronic filing of the SED, Cargo Manager tables include all of the needed validated codes.
Interface with Financial System
The invoice created in the Cargo Manager is integrated with CMS's Financial System. AR data can also be "exported" to interface with other AR programs.