Cargo Manager Systems

Ocean/Air Forwarder

CMS's Forwarder is a practical PC based software application solution for today's Ocean and Air freight forwarding operation.


User Friendly Input Screens
The file setup input screen captures all of the necessary data to open the file, fax confirmation to the customer, make the booking with the line, arrange for pickup and more.
Complete Documentation Package
Every document you need for today’s business can be created in the Forwarder - master and house bill-of-lading (air or ocean), dock receipt, SED, Certificate of Origin, customer invoice, brokerage invoice, packing list, transmittal letter and many more. There is no duplication of data entry. The data that is entered at the time of file setup comes forward in the documentation process.
Multiple Templates
Every forwarder has a certain amount of "repeat business" - same shipper, consignee, commodity, ports, etc. There is no need to repeat this input, simply select the template which applies and all of the stored data comes forward; multiple templates for the same customer can be set up.
Quick Access to Customer Files
Once in the file, there is no need to exit to obtain the customer’s code - hit one key and you have on the screen your complete customer listing.
Schedule B File
The complete schedule B file is included in the Forwarder - simply type the word and the Forwarder will find the item that applies.
On-Line Tracking
A quick display of all files enabling the user to retrieve the data in various ways - file number, customer, date range, destination, commodity, etc.
Automatic Brokerage
The Forwarder produces an automatic brokerage invoice to the steamship line.
Rate Quotes
When your customer calls for a rate quote, simply select the rate quote screen and a quote can easily be created and faxed directly to the customer. Often, your customer will receive the quote while still on the phone - a very effective sales tool!
Electronic Filing SED
Fowarder has been certified by U.S. Bureau of Census for electronic filing through AERP and is registered with U.S. Customs for AES.
Fax/E-Mail Interface
Practically every document in the file can be faxed/e-mailed directly from the computer including rates, quotes and bookings to your customer.
Automatic Billing
For "repeat business", set up the charges for that particular customer and the Forwarder does the rest. The charges can be changed in the file at any time if needed.
Document Distribution
Who gets what! The Forwarder keeps track of the document distribution for that particular customer.
Profitability Reports by File
This report itemizes all revenue and expenses for the file - an easy to read one line report - enabling the user to see at a glance the profit per file.
Direct Interface with Financial System
The Forwarder has the capability to "export" the needed data for accounting. CMS also offers a complete accounting package - AR, AP, and GL - which is totally integrated with the Forwarder.