Cargo Manager Systems

Import Cargo Manager

Complimenting CMS's Export Cargo Manager, the Import Manager was developed specifically to address the needs of the firm who is acting as the "breakbulk agent" for inbound business.


User Friendly Input Screens
Minimal training is needed. The Input Screens are self explanatory with limited function keys at the bottom of each screen.
Quick Look-Up
Hit one key and the files in the "background" come into the screen for selection.
Fax/E-Mail Interface
No need to print hard copy - fax/e-mail documents to your customers directly from the Import Manager.
Rate Quotes
When your customer calls for a rate quote, simply select the rate quote screen and a quote can easily be created and faxed directly to the customer. Often, your customer will receive the quote while still on the phone - a very effective sales tool!
Conversion Exports to Imports
Customers using CMS’s Cargo Manager can transmit files electronically to the Import Manager. Currency conversion takes place at the same time.
Profit & Loss
Import Manager enables the NVOCC to produce a P & L on every file. See at a glance the results of the file or run a report for any period - by date, month, quarter, or year.
Statistical reports by customer, trade lane, and more can easily be produced in the Import Manager.
Need to know about the shipment. Tracking will quickly display the complete history of the shipment. Easy-to-use look up fields by shipper, bill of lading and more.
Outturn Report
See at a glance the status of the file - was it released?, by whom?, when?, pick up carrier and more.
Interface with Financial System
The Import Manager has a direct interface with CMS's Financial System. AR data can also be "exported" to interface with other AR programs.
All of the necessary documents and reports can easily be produced in the Import Manager:
  • Arrival Notice
  • Delivery Order
  • Consignee Authority to make Entry
  • ITs
  • Invoice
  • Container Manifest (for US Customs)
  • Out turn Report
  • Internal Tracking
  • Customer Tracking
  • P & L and Statistics